The more you use it, the more uses you’ll find for it!

The Kitchen Squeegee

SwipeAway cleans countertops like no other kitchen squeegee!

  • Swiping excess water back into kitchen sinks after doing the dishes — save your sponge and stop wasting paper towels
  • Store it discretly on your countertop with it’s compact and stylish look
  • Works great as a crumber for your kitchen table (we love the word crumber and think it’s a very underutilized word)
  • If not for you, get a SwipeAway kitchen squeegee for your mom or mother-in-law (bonus points included)

The Car Squeegee

SwipeAway clears side-view mirrors like no other car squeegee!

  • Wiping away rain from side-view mirrors — napkins are for wiping your face, not your mirrors
  • Store it in your glove compartment or center console
  • Windshields condense on the inside during the winter… the SwipeAway car squeegee makes it easier and faster than waiting for your defroster
  • Got a car without a back windshield wiper? Clear off the rain with just a few swipes

The Bathroom Squeegee

SwipeAway clears mirrors, shower doors and countertops like no other bathroom squeegee!

  • Clearing fog from mirrors after a shower — towels leave streaks and blow dryers take too long
  • Store it in your toiletry kit to use at hotels and the gym
  • Shaving and washing your face can create excess water around the sink… clean up is a breeze with the SwipeAway
  • Use as a shower squeegee to keep your glass doors clean and streak free

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