The mini squeegee you'll use everywhere, every day!

In The Kitchen

SwipeAway cleans countertops like no other kitchen squeegee!

  • A great kitchen squeegee: swipe water back into your kitchen sink after doing the dishes — save your sponge and stop wasting paper towels
  • Store it discretly on your countertop with its compact and stylish look


In The Car

SwipeAway clears side-view mirrors like no other car squeegee!

  • The perfect car squeegee: wipe away rain from side-view mirrors — napkins are for wiping your face, not your mirrors
  • Store it in your glove compartment or center console


In The Bathroom

Whether for the shower or mirror, the SwipeAway makes a great bathroom squeegee.

  • The ultimate bathroom squeegee: clearing fog from mirrors after a shower — towels leave streaks and blow dryers take too long
  • Store it in your toiletry kit to use at hotels and the gym


"When It Comes To Squeegees, Size Does Matter!"

- Randi (Inventor's Mother)

Not Your Typical Shower Squeegee

We've broken the mold & we're not putting it back together! Most squeegees come with a handle... the SwipeAway doesn't. Why? We wanted to create a product that was small enough to use and store everywhere - in your home and car. Even the smallest squeegees with handles are too large to keep discretely on your countertop and way too big to handle clearing water from tight spaces such as side-view mirrors and around the kitchen faucet. Of course, even without a handle, the SwipeAway can still be used as a great shower squeegee and window squeegee.

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